Aero Relevancy Research and Design 

WATTS Lab is a highly specialized department whose objective is to optimize performance and aerodynamics in POC products, allowing the cyclist to go faster while using less energy.

WATTS Lab brings together knowledge and experience from Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling team, aerodynamic specialists and experts in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). All members are carefully selected for their expertise and to give POC’s product development team scientifically validated input on what to apply and focus on to improve performance and aerodynamic efficiency.

To develop products that match our uncompromising vision, we are working closely with the members of WATTS Lab. This allows us to predict and improve performance at an early stage and throughout the development process.

Members of the WATTS Lab

Marcus Berggren
Manager CFD & Automotive CAE at Semcon

Linda Josefsson
Aerodynamic Specialist at Volvo

Cannondale-Garmin/Slipstream Sports
Pro Cycling team

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